Week 5: FF3 Release, Canoeing and more!

23 Jun 2008

As I mentioned in my last post, Week 5 was one of the most exciting weeks since I arrived. The main reason was the release of Firefox 3, and I am certainly lucky to have been amidst all the action.

On release day, the entire Labs team settled in a huge table facing the big screen in Building K (our everyday workplace is in Building S). The atmosphere was great, everyone was charged up, and we got to see realtime statistics on FF3 downloads on the big screen. Not to mention, AirMozilla’s camera was moving around the building getting random shots of people pretending to work. It was really exciting to look at download counter, and there were huge rounds of applause at every million mark.

That evening, there was a party (Camp Firefox), complete with Barbeque, drinks and a full-size Foxkeh running around scaring children.

I spent the rest of the week mostly working on some server-side stuff and ironing out the bugs in the registration API. We also had a long meeting discussing what the status of Weave was, and what the major blockers for the 0.2 release were. This is also when I got my first review request! Justin Dolske had been working on writing the NSS based WeaveCrypto component, and I was waiting for his patch to land so I could continue work on the Weave web client. I hope we can make the release at the end of this week.

The weekend was a perfect match for the week.

On Friday night, some of us interns went for a midnight showing of Serenity at SF. Always nice to watch a good movie at midnight! Saturday afternoon, I traveled on the Caltrain to Palo Alto - to catch Mozilla’s screening of Kung Fu Panda. The highlight of the event was the Q&A session with the co-director of the movie, Mark Osborne. After some Gelato, we headed back to Mountain View.

Sunday morning, I had to get up real early because a bunch of interns and Mozilla employees were headed to the Russian River for some Canoeing. After a really long drive (with a stop at Panera’s where we picked up our packed lunch), we reached Burke’s Canoe Trips. I paired up with Eric, my apartment mate, and we headed out with the firm determination of soaking everyone else. I think we were pretty successful, with the slight drawback of everyone hating us now.

Anyway, the entire week was just fantabulous and I had a really great time. But now, it’s monday, and I better get back to work, especially because I have to give a 5 minute talk today on what I’ve been doing since I got here; and I’d like to make sure I last at least 2 minutes!