Week 4: pwned by nature

20 Jun 2008

The better part of my 4th week was spent in bed trying to recover from a 104.1 body temperature. Let’s back up a bit…

Some (well, most) of the interns decided to visit the Haight Ashbury Street Fair at San Francisco on the Sunday of my 3rd weekend in the states. It was a great idea in general, because I hadn’t been to “the city” yet and the fair looked like a fun place to be. After a pleasant 45 minute drive, we were in the city looking for parking, and with a little help from j4cbo’s phone we were ready to hit the fair.

The road had a stage for bands at either end, with a line of shops on either side of the street in the middle. It was what a typical fair would look like, tons and tons of people walking around, people advertising for a product, politician or right, people selling good food and drink, and lots of generally good shops selling everything from hats and sunglasses to sweatshirts and “medical marijuana”. I took my fair share of food, starting with small bits of popcorn from a HUGE bag someone decided to buy, finishing off with a double chocolate chip brownie sundae at the local Ben and Jerry’s. San Francisco was windy at the time, and I was glad I brought my Jacket along. We started winding up at around 5, and were back at the apartments by 7 after a stop at La Bamba’s for mexican dinner.

Somewhere along the whole trip, I caught a virus. Gah, I wonder what it could have been.

I started feeling a little off almost immediately but I shrugged it off as tiredness from the trip. I also managed to go to work on Monday and Tuesday, though I could feel my efficiency levels at a real low. I did manage to finish writing the server API for Weave, however, I think I could have done more if I were in a normal state.

Wednesday morning, I just couldn’t muster enough energy to walk after getting out of the shower, so I decided to stay in. The fever got worse through the day, and on Thursday morning I made an appointment with a doctor. He said it was a general case of viral fever, and that it would go away in a week, regardless of whether I would take medicines or not (Go immune system, Go!). But he prescribed some anyway, they were painkillers and some antibiotics, to make life a little easier in the coming days. (Note to Self: Medical care is expensive in the US! My travel insurance wouldn’t cover a ‘minor illness’ like fever. Next time, I should make sure to get an insurance that does cover these ‘minor illnesses’).

Anyway, as Sunday approached I got a lot better and was back to normal for work on Monday. Truly, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, because this week has been one of the most awesome ones so far. More on that in another post!