Here’s a list of talks I’ve given, in reverse chronological order. Links to slide decks and videos are linked where possible.

Slides for most of these presentations are also available on SlideShare and SpeakerDeck.


Enterprise Scale Knowledge Graphs
ISWC, Monterey, October


Building an Intelligent Assistant
DeveloperWeek, New York, June


Building Real-time Apps with Angular and Firebase
ng-conf, Salt Lake City, January


Building JS APIs for Browsers
HTML5DevConf, San Francisco, October

Message Passing vs. Data Synchronization
RealtimeConf, Portland, October

Real-time Web Apps with Firebase and AngularJS
AngularJS Meetup, Mountain View, July

WebRTC: A Practical Introduction
FluentConf, San Francisco, May

Message Passing vs. Data Synchronization
Pivotal Labs, San Francisco, May

Firebase: Tales from the Trenches, San Francisco, May

WebRTC: An Overview
Jive, San Francisco, March

Server-less Apps
DenverJS, Denver, February


Error Handling in WebRTC
W3C TPAC, Lyon, October

WebRTC Demystified
MozCamp EU, Warsaw, September

Apps for Firefox OS
Campus Party EU, Berlin, August


WebRTC: User Security & Privacy
W3C TPAC, San Jose, October

Firefox Architecture Overview
Cisco, San Jose, June


Alcatel-Lucent, Antwerp, August


Next Generation Addons
FOSS.IN, Bangalore, December

An Overview of Distributed Debugging
Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, November

A Brief Incursion into Botnet Detection
Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, October

Mozilla Weave
MozCamp EU, Prague, October

Prague DevDay, Prague, October

Distributed File Systems: An Overview
Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, March


Innovating with Mozilla Labs
FOSS.IN, Bangalore, December

Glendix: The Why and The How
IWP9, Volos, October

Weave Demo Session
Firefox Summit, Whistler, July

Mozilla Prism & Hackfest
Gnunify, Pune, February

What is FOSS?
Blitzschlag, Jaipur, February


Making Gentoo Tick
FOSS.IN, Bangalore, December

Mozilla Project Day: XPConnect
FOSS.IN, Bangalore, December

Unix++: Plan 9 from Bell Labs
FOSS.IN, Bangalore, December

FOSS Labs series
[bootcamp] [linux] [linux+] [html-php] [php-mysql] [php+] [cake] [cake+]
MNIT, Jaipur, July-September

Introducing Plan 9
Freed.IN, New Delhi, January

Extending Python with ctypes
Gnunify, Pune, January


Webapps with Javascript
[part1] [part2] [part3] [part4]
Freedel, New Delhi, February