My name is Anant, and I’m a hacker (of the good variety). The best way to reach me is by email or on Twitter.

I have a special affinity towards free software in particular. I’ve participated and contributed to several open source projects since 2004 and continue to do so.

I currently work at Facebook. My last job was at Ozlo, where we built an AI-powered digital assistant. Previously, at Firebase, I helped build a scalable realtime application backend. Before that, I worked on a wide range of experimental projects to improve the web at Mozilla Labs.

The opinions expressed on this website are solely my own and do not reflect the views or opinions of any other party, including my current and former employers.

I studied Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, and hold a Bachelors in Computer Engineering from MNIT, Jaipur.