01 Apr 2010

As you can probably see, my website has undergone major changes. I’ve decided to stop maintaining my custom Wordpress installation and move to a more stable, hosted solution simply because the former was taking up too much of my time and my puny little VM couldn’t handle spikes.

So, here we are: fresh new website, clean design and a new name! I also used this opportunity to clean up the content from my earlier website - you’ll notice not everything is present on this one. Some content from the earlier website I definitely want to move (slides from my talks, for example) but most of it will probably remain gone because they are no longer relevant.

An unfortunate side effect of the migration, however, was that I seem to have lost a whole bunch of blog posts, most notably from 2007. The Wordpress export/import feature seems to have dropped some content, but it also could be because my self-hosted version was running on SQLite and not MySQL. There were a couple of good posts that were lost, which I’m really sad about. I know, I should have taken a backup but like many cocky programmers I chose not to do so and I now I regret it. Lesson learned.

Please bear with me while I spend the next couple of days trying to: a) fix a few broken links in the posts that did make it to the new site, and b) migrate relevant content into wordpress pages here. If you were subscribed to my earlier feed, you will have to resubscribe because I am no longer using FeedBurner and the feed URL has changed. As always, I welcome feedback if you have any, just email me.

On another note, I’ve been working on a few exciting projects in the last couple of months, stay tuned for updates!