Prague MozCamp

I’m off to the beautiful city of Prague, or “Praha” as it is known locally, for the European MozCamp of 2009. Memories from the MozCamp last year are still fresh, and I’m definitely looking forward to this one!

On Friday, we’re going to be hosting a Labs Hackathon on Jetpack. This is your chance to get to know more about the framework that’s so easy to use that your mom could write an extension with it. Maybe not your Grandma though, you do need to know a bit of Javascript ;) The hack session will last as long into the night as needed for you folks to come up with amazing ideas for Jetpacks and implement them. Drew Willcoxon from the Firefox team and I will be on hand all day to help you, so feel free to come and poke us. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that there’s Free Pizza involved.

On Saturday, I’ll be giving a talk on Weave. With 0.7 just released, we’ll be taking a look at our current state, what’s in store for the future, and maybe a few cool demos. We’re also especially interested in engaging with addon developers to see what Weave can do to make it easier for them to add sync functionality to their addons.

Be there!