23 Apr 2009

I’ve been keeping quite busy the last few months, thanks to the extremely time-consuming but fun masters program I’m enrolled in. Sure, I’ve also ensured that I enjoy Europe while I’m at it, but that makes my blog posts much less frequent and further apart. Between “micro-blogging” and frequent facebook updates, there is much less time for blogging these days.

It’s spring now and we can all stop complaining about the Dutch weather. The temperature stays around a pleasant 10 to 15 degrees. One of the more recent trips I made to take advantage of the season was to Keukenhof, the famous flower garden. Check out selected pictures here.

As I try to wrap up some of my pending assignments (did I mention they were fun?), I’m also preparing for travel in the next 2 weeks. First stop, Mountain View, for an “All Hands” session at Mozilla. Next, I head out to Italy, starting with Milan, and then heading on to Venice, Rome, the Vatican and Pisa. Looking forward to the trip!

In other news, the GSoC results were announced recently, and I’m continuing my mentoring role from last year with two students. Even though Glendix didn’t make it to the organisations list, we got several good proposals via Plan 9 and Gentoo, which was certainly very encouraging. This time, India has the second largest number of student selections (101!) - simply marvelous. This will be my 4th Summer of Code, and I’m very happy to be involved with the program for this long.