FOSS.IN 08: Mozilla Labs, Beacon and Glendix

24 Nov 2008

FOSS.IN 2008 begins tomorrow!

It’s going to be really interesting to see how the departure from the ‘07 formula works out.

I’ll be conducting a Workout on Beacon, the web-based GuideXML editor on Day 4 (Friday). If you’re interested in contributing to a next generation AJAX powered web application and are familiar with Javascript with a bit of PHP or Python, I highly recommend dropping in.

There will also be a talk on Innovation and Mozilla Labs on Day 5 (Saturday), where we’ll take Weave as a case-study to see how ideas are incubated at the Labs. I’ll be talking about how you can contribute to the various initatives at Mozilla Labs. Or maybe you’re just curious about the future of the web and how you can help shape it. In any case, you want to be there (hint there will be goodies hint)!

Two Glendix hackers, myself and Shantanu are also going to be at the event, and there’s a whole day dedicated to Linux kernel hacking. I’m planning a lightning talk on Glendix during the gathering,  and hopefully we can gather enough interest to get some work done on some of the project’s priorities.

See you at India’s largest FOSS event!