The week before the Summit

28 Jul 2008

Time for a quick update on what I’ve been upto this week…

Let’s start with the Intern BBQ - I guess the highlight of the event was Schrep almost being thrown into the pool, I think David sums it up quite nicely. I left the same night for L.A. - the primary item on my agenda was to attend Russell Peters and Friends at the Grove of Anaheim. The show was great, he didn’t repeat any of his old jokes and we had 3 other comics (as Russell called them) - all of them kept us laughing for over 2 hours.

I spent all of Sunday at Universal Studios, Hollywood - which was also great fun. The studio tour, ‘Water World’ and ‘Jurassic Park’ attractions were especially worth it. I caught a Greyhound back to San Jose and headed straight to work.

Week 10 was spent in finishing up the OAuth implementation for Weave - both server-side and client-side. I also wrote a PHP library to access a user’s Bookmarks and open Tabs via OAuth. We had a small demo at the third edition of Labs Night (which was held on Thursday, Jono gives a more detailed account). As we get closer to unrolling both the Weave web client and the OAuth API, I’m looking to forward to some great mashups from third party developers :-)

Maria, Rob, Paul and I spent saturday touring the vineyards and hills of Santa Cruz…

Now, we have a plane to catch in about 7 hours for what is poised to be a climax of gargantuan proportions for my summer. Keep track of what’s going on at Whistler at Summitr. Needless to say, I’m super-excited!