04 Jul 2008

‘WFH’ is a pretty common acronym around Mozilla, which stands for ‘Working from Home’.

As people who work at the Labs, our job is not only to innovate in the art of software, but also in other areas like workplaces and ping-pong ball fights. In an endeavor to partially fulfill the objectives of our group, the team came up with the idea of working from a Café in San Francisco (hence the abbreviation WFC, can also be expanded to ‘Working From the City’).

Yesterday morning, Maria and I managed to hijack one of the ‘intern cars’ and drive to the Bittersweet Café at San Francisco. Chocolate is always good, so I did as much justice as I could to all the great chocolaty stuff they had at the place, besides buying a bunch of exotic bars to carry back to the apartment. They had free WiFi so we got setup and began work.

As lunch time approached, we walked over to Japan Town, which was quite close by. Aza knew a great restaurant, so we had lunch there. I ordered the vegetable ramen - always wanted to have ramen ever since I began watching (now reading) Naruto. The food  was delicious, I learnt how to use chopsticks reasonably well and practice the few Japanese words I knew.

For the post-lunch session, we went to a different Café, I forget the name. This one was a lot more crowded and noisier, so I guess we didn’t get much work done. We went back to Bittersweet and spent about an hour there before winding up for the day.

Incidentally, we were also celebrating the release of Weave 0.2 that night, so we caught up with Chris, Dan, Dolske and Aza for dinner at a great french restaurant. I ordered the only two vegetarian items on the menu; the soup Entrée of the day, followed by a pasta dish for the main course, and freshly made vanilla ice-cream in chocolate sauce for dessert. Conversation during the meal was especially amusing. We rounded off the evening with a movie at a theatre nearby - ‘Hancock’. I thought it was quite entertaining and enjoyed it. The entire day was one of the best days ever - Labs is awesome!

As we headed back towards our respective garages to retrieve cars (the time was 1:30 a.m. by then), we found that the intern car was locked in for the night. Unfortunate that the garage closed early, but we should’ve known better than to park at a garage for $10 on a Giants game night. Myk offered us a ride back to Mountain View, and I managed to fall asleep by 3.

My sleep however, did not last for long; we had to go back to SF to retrieve the car. We took the 7 am Caltrain, picked up the car (no charge for leaving the car overnight!), and had breakfast to make the trip worth it. We were back at the office by 10:30 a.m. (before the rest of the Labs crowd!)

Long weekend ahead - I’m heading over to Atlanta to meet with Family. Taking monday off to make the weekend extra long and will be back to work on Tuesday.

Have a great July 4 weekend!