Weave 0.2!

01 Jul 2008

It’s been a long night, but Weave 0.2 is finally out! Grab it while it’s hot.

The last week was mostly spent sprinting towards this release. We’ve fixed over 75 bugs, the major features being: streamlined first-run experience; passwords, tabs and form history synchronization; switch to NSS-based component instead of openssl; better encryption (AES and RSA instead of DES3); and general performance improvements. For a more detailed overview of the changes, check out the release notes.

Ubuntu users: You can’t use the Firefox that the package manager installs, you need to get a stock build here and use that instead. (This is because Ubuntu doesn’t include some parts of Firefox that Weave depends on).

I’m really excited to be a part of this, because I’m very new to the feeling of being part of a team that writes software that a ton of people use. Within minutes of the release, we started getting feedback from users; which is really awesome, and I doubt I can get this kind of experience elsewhere.

I’m also a little nervous, because I got to work on some of the server-side code that Weave depends on, and I’ve actually never written code that is going to be tested by thousands of people. My only hope is that all goes well and that I didn’t break something. My best moment was when I wiped all the old accounts to start afresh (that means all 0.2 users have to register again, irrespective of whether they had an account before. Weave should automatically popup a registration wizard when you install it). All in all, it’s been a wonderful experience so far, and I definitely look forward to more releases working at the Labs!

On a side note, the Labs upgraded to a really snazzy looking website today, going hand-in-hand with the 0.2 release.

So, I’ll be heading to bed now, and check if the world hasn’t ended tomorrow morning. Enjoy the new Weave release!