Labs night

26 Jun 2008

Yesterday, we had the first in a series of monthly events organized by Mozilla Labs. I don’t think we have a name for it yet, but given the informal nature of the event, ‘Labs Night’ is a good enough name as any.

The event consisted of Pizza arriving at around 6:00 pm, followed by a series of lightning talks which began at around 6:20. Chris began with a brief introduction to the Labs team, followed by him and Dan giving the audience an overview of what Weave was all about and the general direction in which we hoped to take it.

The rest of the Weave lightning talks were actually demos, starting with Maria’s presentation of the new setup wizard, which streamlines the whole first-run experience for the user. Myk then gave us a neat demo of tab syncing and notification system, followed by another cool demo from Jono showing us how a user can share his bookmarks with another Weave user. Atul then gave us an overview of the testing framework currently in use by Weave. I ended the series of lightning talks on Weave with a demo of the web client, the decryption part of which I had just finished a day before. I also managed to get the client to run on the iPhone simulator (part of the iPhone SDK), albeit in unencrypted mode.

We then had Alex Faaborg give us a presentation on what Microformats were and why they are useful and important for users of the modern web. This was followed by a really cool demo of a prototype user interface for Mobile Firefox (codenamed ‘Fennec’) by Aza.

I really liked the informal setting of the whole event, and we had people asking some really good questions, and generally commenting throughout all the talks which was pretty cool. I’m looking forward to more of these events (though I may be able to attend only one more - the one in July - which will probably take place at Whistler!).