First Day

22 May 2008

My first day at Mozilla was awesome. After a brief introduction session with Julie, during which I also caught up with Mary (I met her earlier at FOSS.IN, Bangalore) - I was shown the way to the ‘S’ building, which is were the labs people work. There are these cute scooters I’ve never seen before that can be used to ride between buildings ‘K’ and ‘S’ - they’re just too damn fun!

I met with my mentor for the Summer - Dan Mills (thunder) and he got me setup with this really huge monitor and power cables for my laptop. I’m still trying to get used to this OS X extended desktop feature, and it feels a little weird typing on the laptop keyboard but looking at the monitor (I’m not a touch typist, but I can type reasonably well without looking at the keyboard). Then, I met with the other folks at the Labs, a small but amazing group of people. Myk is also working at the Labs, and his desk is right behind me - Yay!

Right now, the focus at Labs is to roll out a beta-quality version of Weave. As the Firefox 3 launch approaches, we’d like to make sure Weave 0.2 is ready to use around that time. One of the reasons is that Google Browser Sync isn’t going to upgraded for use with FF3 for an undetermined period of time. I’ve been going through the targeted bugs for 0.2 and am trying to fix as many as I can.

I finally checked-in to my alloted apartment yesterday, and since my roommates aren’t scheduled to arrive until next week, I have the entire place to myself for sometime. I saw an episode of How I met your Mother - hooray now I can watch all my favorite american TV shows at the time of airing (not weeks later, like before).

Ok, so my second day has begun and it’s almost lunch time. The American meal timings are a bit off from what I’m used to because most of their meals are compressed to be during the day, and then there’s a huge gap at night between 8pm and breakfast. I’m going to stock up on some knick-knacks for my midnight cravings.