Turning Point

08 May 2008

Yesterday, I wrote my last examination; and that would mean that I am a Bachelor of Technology now *. It reminds me of my last board examination in Class XII, a little over 4 years ago. That was the first major crossroad in my life, and here I am again at my second. Looking back on the last 4 years of college life, I can easily conclude that they played the most significant role in shaping me into the individual I am today - technically and socially - and I am confident that I made the right choices along the way.

What now? A graduate in my position has two choices: a) To work, or, b) To study further. Now, this one is a difficult choice to make, and there’s no saying what’s best for you. I haven’t thought about it all that much, but I am definitely more inclined towards earning a Masters degree at a minimum. To that effect, I had applied to several colleges in California (you know why), in addition to the Vrije Universiteit and EPFL. I got acceptances from UC Irvine and VU - I think I will fit better at VU because the course (Masters in Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems) looks really interesting to me - and also because Amsterdam is a better city than Irvine ;)

I also have plans for the summer: I’m really excited to be a part of the Mozilla Interns program this year. My VISA was granted a few weeks earlier after a (to my surprise) really brief interview at the US Embassy in New Delhi. I’ll be joining the team at Mozilla Labs to hack on Weave, beginning May 19. This summer is going to be really fun, because apart from the awesomeness of being paid to write open source code at one of the best organizations in the world, this will also be my first trip to the land of opportunities. Hooray!

Well, I still have 7 days more to spend at college. The parting is going to be bittersweet - while I’m going to be sad to leave my friends and college life (which is way more cooler than normal life, if you didn’t know), I’m also really enthusiastic and curious about where my future is going to take me.

* (Conditions Apply) </a>