Leopard: A first look

11 Dec 2007

I couldn’t help but notice that close to 70% of developers who attended foss.in had Macs with them. And half of them had even upgraded to Leopard, giving me a few glimpses of what Apple’s new operating system looked like.

I decided to upgrade to Leopard too, and got myself a copy from the iStore on M.G. Road. It cost me Rs. 6,200 which is (suprisingly?) a little more than the dollar-converted rate. Anyway, I decided to do a clean install after backing up all my data - it was the perfect chance to remove all the cruft in the system.

The installation went smoothly and the traditional multi-lingual ‘Welcome’ was simply stunning. Now I began installing the applications one by one:

Let’s take a look at all the new features that caught my eye:

I haven’t had a chance to look at Quick Look yet, but that should be another thing to look forward to. All-in-all a good experience so far, but was it worth the 6 grand? I’ll wait and see.