FOSS.IN 07: Day 5

09 Dec 2007

The final day of FOSS.IN! Because we slept a little late we could reach the venue only by 11:00, just enough to catch the end of AfC’s talk on ‘User to Hacker in 90 minutes’. We had some fun when Shreyas had his IRC client open in the background of a demo he was doing with AfC at the talk :)

The talk was followed by Rasmus on the PHP Internals. The talk was mostly about how PHP started, what problems does it solve, how PHP development was organized. He even spoke about PHP-GTK for about 30 seconds which I was really happy about :D

After lunch, I attended Rusty’s talk on talloc, a hierarchical memory allocator which seems to be really nifty. These Samba guys really rule, with projects like distcc, ccache and now talloc. /me bows to Andrew Tridgell. And no-one better than Rusty to present - he is an amazing guy with awesome presentation skills.

We had another session of lightning talks (which wasn’t as exciting as yesterday), but there were some nice highlights such as the talk on making the perfect omelet and why Danese likes India!

The closing ceremony was preceded by Rusty’s attempt at inspiring the audience to contribute to FOSS projects. Rusty Rules. Period. You can see one of the results of Rusty’s interaction with the audience here :)

During the closing ceremony there was a string of announcements about the FOSS related events that were coming up over the next year all over India, which was really cool. FOSS.IN also pledged to support these events with Rs. 50,000/- each - Way to go Team FOSS.IN!

The closing ceremony was a fitting end to this spectacular event. And thus, this year’s largest Indian FOSS conference ended. What a roll.

P.S. Pictures from many attendees have slowly began to appear on Flickr. Look out for lots more in the coming days.