FOSS.IN 07: Day 4

08 Dec 2007

Day 4 was like another Mozilla project day for us. We arrived at the venue at 10:00 sharp and headed towards the hack center for the Mozilla hackathon. After checking out the Mozilla sources, we began looking for bugs that would be easy to solve. We did find two of them from the ‘Good First Bugs’ page and actually found another bug that Prasad filed. Myk led us through the entire process of finding out the source that was causing the bug, zeroing in on a fix, creating a patch and getting the patch checked in. This was the very first bug I had squashed on Mozilla, and we learnt a lot about the whole Mozilla review process.

After lunch we attended Mitchell Baker’s talk on the Mozilla project. I didn’t know that the Mozilla Corporation was actually Not-for-profit, which is really cool. Immediately after Mitchell’s talk we attended Myk’s talk on ‘Hacking the Fox’ - in which he interactively went through the process hacking on Firefox without checking out the sources. He solved bug #189290 and submitted a patch during the talk, showing everyone what exactly the whole process looked like.

I couldn’t be at the Gentoo stall the whole time, but during the small periods I was, there was a really good crowd around it. I think the stall was a huge success for us, and we were able to distribute LiveCD’s and Minimal x86 CD’s of the 2007.0 release yesterday.

At around 17:00, the lightning talk sessions began, and it turned out to be really popular! A lot of people came on stage to speak about anything under the sun for 3 minutes which was awesome. I gave a lightning talk on the ‘lightning talk timer’ I had hacked up for the event. It was just a whole lot of fun and we’re going to be having another session today.

Axel, Myk, Chris, Prasad, Rahul & Myself then left the venue for some typical Indian street-food at Gangotree. We had expected a place where we could sit and eat, but the nearest one turned out to be a small stall. We ate some Paapdi Chaat (which they couldn’t really swallow!), Pani Puri, Besan Laddoo and Badam Burfi nevertheless - which was a nice experience for the Mozilla folks. Mary couldn’t make it because she was busy trying to get the Mozilla t-shirts out of customs (she eventually succeeded - Yay!).

Well, that’s about it - I’m looking forward to the final day of FOSS.IN - we have some really interesting talks lined up for today. It’s been one hell of a ride so far!