Web9 for Bell Labs

01 May 2007

Howdy folks and welcome to another edition of the Summer of Code - Last year was really fun and I hope this year will be more!

This time I’ll be working with the wonderful folks at Plan 9 from Bell Labs on alternative implementations of the 9P protocol - a fundamental component of the Plan 9 operating system. The goal of the project is to provide a “Web-2.0ish” face to the 9P system and therefore has been codenamed “Web9”. A trac instance and subversion repository has been setup for the same.

I’ll start off with an OO-style PHP wrapper and then move onto a pure JavaScript implementation. Once that is done, a couple of applications showing off the new wrappers would make a great addition. Something like a FF extension to access 9P based filesystems (using the newly developed JS 9P implementations) would be fun!

Looking forward to an awesome summer…