Another great summer ahead!

27 Apr 2007

Been a while since my last blog post, and a lot has been happening. Somewhere around March, I became an official Gentoo Developer, which is totally awesome. Secondly, my proposal to Plan9 from Bell Labs was accepted for the Summer of Code this year. This year the ride was a bit more bumpy though; Google’s new methods of resolving duplicated acceptances almost got me orphaned. Anyway, all is well that ends well!

I’ll be doing some blogging relevant to the project at the same place as last year. If you’re tired of keeping track of so many feeds, use an aggregator or try out the feed from PlanetKiX; I just set it up to aggregate all my blog posts.

On other news, I played around a bit with OpenID, and it sounds really great. I got myself an OpenID at myOpenID and setup KiX to redirect OpenID authentication requests. Now, signing in to websites is as easy as typing; I wish more websites start supporting OpenID logins. Wordpress, are you listening?

The all new Thunderbird 2.0 looks and feels great, but I’m getting the feeling that all changes are purely cosmetic. And what the hell is up with the intro screen trying to download the TB logo everytime I start it up? The super-glossy new-mail notifier is great though and I’m really beginning to enjoy it.

Well, final exams are approaching (they start next friday), and I can’t wait for them to get over. I have my work cut out for the summer and I’m really looking forward to it! In fact, so much that I almost forgot that I have to perform a compulsory 45-day internship during the period.