Summer of Code, 2007 Edition

16 Mar 2007

It’s that summery time of the year again. Yep, welcome the latest avatar of Google’s Summer of Code. All geared to be bigger and better than last year’s edition.

A whoppping 131 organizations have been selected this time around. Not many surprises; all the big fish like Apache, KDE, Gnome, Fedora, Debian, Gentoo, PHP, Python et. al. are mentoring organizations this year. However, there are also a lot of new interesting faces: Vim got a whole slot to itself and so did Git. Nice to see OpenSolaris joining the gang. Also looks like my efforts at canvassing the Macports team to sign up paid off, they’ve made it to the list too!

The webapp to handle all of the application process has been considerable spruced up for both the students and mentors. Also looks like mentors get an indication of students who are likely to accepted by multiple organizations. Too bad!

All in all, a pretty great line up of organizations and an awesome time ahead. Students, get your thinking hats on and start writing your proposals: Deadline is 24th. All the best!