Gnunify 07

31 Jan 2007

I just returned from Gnunify 07, and I have to say I had a great time in Pune. My talk went off quite well; although the audience count was low, it was a focussed group which is a good thing.

I couldn’t attend any of the other talks in the first day because I was also participating in the PHPThrowDown with Christian. Remind me never to mix two things ever again, Christian sums up how the whole thing went here.

On the second day however, I got to attend a lot of good talks, including those by Louis Potts from OpenOffice; Tony Wasserman from Carnegie Mellon, and Matt Barker from Canonical. The best thing I like about the conferences is that you get to meet a lot of people, and learn so much!

The volunteers for Gnunify were the most helpful lot I’ve ever seen anywhere, cheers to them! The airport security confiscated my spare batteries on my way to Pune, so I could take a few photos only on the next day; after I had some time to buy a new set. Ramakrishna, has a few more. Yet to find a comprehensive set of photos covering the event though.

On other news, Adobe opened up the PDF specs. w00t! We also launched the php-gtk-edge repository today; giving you bleeding-edge widgets for PHP-GTK. Think of it as a playground before extensions make it to php-gtk-proper. There’s also the official Indian channel for Gentoo users, #gentoo-in on Freenode; hope to see you there sometime.

Until next post, keep smiling!