FOSS and Education in India

01 Nov 2006

So, its been an exciting week. It seems like we really may be able to introduce a department elective on FOSS here in our college! We’re all set to get this in motion, and we’ve also invited people from NRCFOSS and ilugd to come over and talk to the students and faculty on what FOSS is all about, and why its worth having such a course in the curriculum.

I really hope this plan is successful; if it does, it definitely means a giant leap in the technical education scenario in India. Although some colleges under the Anna University already offer two electives designed by the NRCFOSS as part of the curriclum, none of the “biggies” of Anna University - CEG or MIT chose to offer it.

Our department already offers a rich set of electives, ranging from Neural networks to Robotics, which makes it difficult to offer two electives only on FOSS. It’s much easier for us to just offer a single crash-course type of elective on FOSS, and for this purpose, I modified the two-course syllabus created by the NRCFOSS a bit to get one tailor-made for our college. Check it out here, I’d love to hear some feedback on it.

Heh, if the course is accepted at the Senate meeting to be held in December; we may actually beat the IIT’s at offering this course. Mwhahaha! ;)