Every service needs a client!

27 Jun 2006

Okay, so I got together a decent client for all of you to test out the repodoc web service. It’s pretty basic, just about 35 lines of code, uses the cURL and XSL extensions of PHP5, and displays a tabulated page that shows how tha validation went. I haven’t concentrated too much on the eye-candy yet, I’m waiting until I decide on a nice theme for the editor itself.

Check out the client, the upload form, and a sample result file.

Meanwhile, I’m steadily moving on the ebuild, it should be done now that the client is ready. I’m also going through “AJAX Patterns and Best Practices” to see which pattern applies to the editor the best. Needless to say, if any of you have ideas, comments, suggestions or cristicisms, be sure to send them my way.