Quick Update

17 Jun 2006

A brief update on what’s been happening. So, according to my schedule, the web service is supposed to be all ready to go, which it is. So now onto the next phase, Interface Design. Interesting stuff, now this is where I get to design all the eye-candy and decide on how usable we want the editor to be!

No surprises here, the good old XHTML + CSS + JavaScript combination can do wonders. I don’t think I’ll need to employ anything else to get a nice UI up and running. I’ll have to keep in mind to keep the JS open enough for AJAX integration later on though.

But, before I get into that, Stuart wanted an ebuild for the repodoc web service. Which is an awesome idea, fits into the ‘Gentoo Way’™, besides making the installation for the web service a lot more generic and painless. My ebuilding skills are amateurish at best, but hey, I think I can pull it off. To begin with, the webapps.eclass should help immensely. The _man _page for that is quite informative, so I don’t thnk I’ll have any trouble here. OTOH, there is nothing much right now to package, just 3 files.The package would be a lot more substantial if I wrote a client for the web service and included that too. So I guess I’ll do that before writing the ebuild.

And my totally awesome mentor has posted a blog entry on Mentoring SoC Participants! I’m very glad to be working with a mentor who puts so much thought into his work, thanks Stuart!

That’s about it, stay tuned for updates on the ebuild and the UI. Cheers!