REST it is!

01 Jun 2006

Okay so it’s decided. We’re going the REST way for the repodoc web service. My plan is to begin writing a schema for the XML document that the client must get in response to a validation request to the service. This should be useful for those who would want to write a client for this web service in the future.

As a matter of fact, I am also thinking of writing a sample client for the web service, just a small collection of web pages that will allow you to upload a GuideXML document and validate it. Kind of like the XHTML and CSS validation that W3C offers. That way, we won’t have to wait until the actual editor is ready to play around with the service.

On another note, I filed a bug with Gentoo Infrastructure on bugzilla, as requested by Lance, who has kindly volunteered to arrange infrastructure for Gentoo SoC students. Lance has requested OSUOSL to create Xen instances for all Gentoo SoC projects that require it. OSUOSL is contemplating on opening a new Xen server to cater to all the SoC-related infrastructure requests that they’ve been receiving from the community.

I’ll planning to install PHP 5.1.4 on the instance, in addition to recreating a Gentoo CVS structure to get repodoc up and running. It’ll be really cool to work on a virtual server, I’ve never done that before! Looking forward to a wonderful experience on the cool new box…