Hello SoC!

25 May 2006

The results of SoC 2006 were finally announced around midnight of 23rd May, PDT. And it looks like I’ll be working on the GuideXML editor for Gentoo.It was a roller-coaster ride for all applicants, and as in any competition, some made it but some didn’t. Nevertheless, I am sure it was an excellent experience for everyone involved: the students, the mentors and of course the wonderful folks at Google’s OSS office. There is a lot to be said about the entire competition, and I plan to do so in the forthcoming months; along with charting the progress of my project for Gentoo.I am looking forward to having a great time with all of you, and I also hope to make this a valuable resource for all future applicants! Once PlanetSoC is ready to accept feeds from external blogs, I’ll be adding this blog there too.