Good times ahead!

17 May 2006

My exams are finally over, and I should hopefully have completed 2 years of my engineering! It’s a great relief; and despite all the summer of code proposal preparation, the exams seem to have gone pretty well.

Well, now it’s time for the summer, and I think I have a great summer ahead! First of all, I have an internship at the National University of Singapore. It’s pretty exciting, more so because this will be my first trip abroad, and it also will be the first time I board a plane. Yay!

I also got a brand new iPod Nano! I haven’t seen it yet, but I will when I get home. I can’t wait, the pictures of it on the Apple site are amazing. I’m figuring out a good way to sync songs to it on my Gentoo Linux, since iTunes won’t work. I’ve seen some plugins to XMMS, and AmaroK seems to support iPods too. There’s also YamiPod, and RhythmBox, both of which look good. I’m a bit sceptic about AmaroK though, i’m a GNOME fanatic after all. We’ll see.

Apart from that, the summer of code results will be announced on 23rd may. That’s pretty exciting too. I sent in my proposals, and am anxiously waiting for the outcome. I shouldn’t get ahead of myself, but in case I do get the SoC grant, I’m planning to get a nice Macbook Pro. I think I’m really in love with Apple. I asked around, and it seems Gentoo Linux works like a charm on the new Macs. Perfect.

Scott also asked Apress to send me a review copy of Pro PHP-GTK. How kind of him, and how exciting for me! It’s great to finally see a book on PHP-GTK, atleast this should make people consider it more seriously. On the same note, I submitted the draft for a 2-part article on PHP-GTK 2 to php|architect. Hope they like it, if they do, it’s scheduled to appear in the months of July and August.

All in all, pretty good summer ahead! I’ll keep you posted on the happenings and if the SoC proposal goes through, I’ll also open up a nice page for it.