Google Analytics

10 Apr 2006

I was lucky enough to recieve an invitation code for Google’s new Analytics service. Ironically, my application for a Google AdSense account has been rejected several times. Anyway, first impressions on Analytics were stunning. Just like how we felt when GMail was released.

Google really puts a lot thought into its services. Analytics is no different from Google’s other innovative services and blows the competition away. Actually, I’m not even sure there is any other free alternative to Google Analytics.

For those of you who don’t know what Google Analytics is, it is the most comprehensive and detailed analysis of visitors to your site. It will generate a wide variety of reports on visitors to your site, which will obviously help the marketing manager and the webmaster in attracting more traffic. Examples of reports are mapped geographical locations of your visitors, entry and exit points of your web site, and page-by-page analysis. The most fascinating reports to me, however, were the webmaster reports that gives me details on the browsers my visitors use, their screen resolution, whether or not they have Java enabled and even their operating system!

The service also has a section called “Conversion University” which gives tips on how to make your visitors click on advertisements (i.e. convert them!) and on how to utilize the information provided by the service to maximize your website’s effectiveness.

Once again, go Google!