The Great Indian Internet Backbone

03 Mar 2006

Another great opportunity for me cropped up today when my professor offerred me the chance to visit the BSNL Jaipur office with him to clear up some trouble they where having. My college being the only decent technical college in the city, I think BSNL often looks upon professors here to sort out things for them!

The place was just like a regular Indian Government Office, but the moment I stepped into the room labeled “National Internet Backbone”, things changed dramatically. Things are in a good state after all, contrary to popular opinion. The room looked very similar to a scene from a sci-fi film, with routers neatly stacked and great looking PC’s humming softly.

They were having trouble with their MRTG, another surprise! I never expected BSNL to even run Linux on their PC’s leave alone using open source graphing utilities. People have finally realised I guess. That too the people right on the top of the complicated bureaucratic chain of a government organisation like BSNL, people who make decisions. Who can dare say that India is not developing?!

The BSNL staff were not technically sound, (which is why they called us in the first place), but their enthusiasm in helping us to solve the issue is commendable. The problem was nothing great, their disk was full (with logs piling up over 6 months), so we just cleaned the logs and restarted the MRTG service for them.

If there is one thing that I learnt today, it was how I must never lose faith in my country! Things are moving, and will probably speed up. India is definitely developing. Fast.