Free Thought, Free World

09 Feb 2006

Yep, that’s the killer phrase that convinced me to dump windows and get GNU/Linux (as it rightly should be called!)

I now happily run Gentoo on my PC and was able to make the switch complete by removing Windows. I did that as soon as I realised that there was nothing I couldn’t do on Gentoo that I previously could on Windows. Quite the contrary, there is much more that I can do on a Linux but not on a Windows PC.

Apart from the fact that the installation itself took days and that I took weeks to customise it to my liking, the point that it changed my life: productivity, fun and happiness wise, remains undisputed. More people should make the switch, and I have already convinced some of my friends to do so. “Switch” means removing Windows, not dual booting! I wish more people had the courage to do so.

There is no point in great speeches about free software or advising people to use free software if you dual boot with Windows at home.

The only way MS will learn its lesson is complete boycott.